Positive Futures - Forum for Frankfurt

“Schöne Aussichten – Forum für Frankfurt” (“Positive Futures – Forum for Frankfurt”) is a platform to improve the future of the city of Frankfurt am Main. Participants with different backgrounds come together to shape a vibrant and livable city. In a long-term process, visions for the year 2030 are formulated on the basis of what citizens say is important to them. Indicators help compare the current situation to the preferred future. And concrete projects are implemented.

The process is hosted by the non-profit think tank “Zentrum für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt e.V.” (Center for Societal Progress) and a large number of volunteers, who all share a strong interest in the future of Frankfurt. In 2014, we conducted a series of conversations in which Frankfurt's citizens were asked to share their thoughts and concerns about quality of life in the city. The largest conversation was the launch event with 100 participants. Insights gathered from these events were then broken down into 10 topics ranging from education and health all the way to security and governance. Each topic is accompanied by a facilitator.

On the way to explicitly formulating visions, indicators and to implement specific projects for Frankfurt from these findings, we used background analyses, expert discussions and comparisons with similar projects worldwide.

In the third quarter of 2014, we shared and discussed a first set of visions for Frankfurt in the year 2030 with 100 participants at a visioning event. The visions were revised on the basis of that event, of online feedback and many bilateral conversations.

Indicators for quality of life in Frankfurt were published at the end of June 2015. They can help identify the areas of greatest need for action. Throughout the process, concrete projects are developed and implemented. They all share the common goal to improve the quality of life in Frankfurt.

Scientific basis

Since 2009, the Center for Societal Progress has developed new ways and methods to improve quality of life. The findings of this work are used in the German federal government’s process “Gut leben in Deutschland – was uns wichtig ist” ("Wellbeing in Germany – what matters to us") and also informed "Positive Futures - Forum for Frankfurt". The insights from "Forum for Frankfurt" had a great influence on our “Handbuch Lebensqualitätsprozesse” (English Manual on Quality of Life Processes). In earlier studies, we described specific quality of life processes from Tasmania (our study in English), Jacksonville (Florida) and Santa Cruz County. In a summary, we pointed out the power of societal visions (in German).